Energy Clearing

Energy Clearing

Energies that do no belong to you attach themselves to your energy field/aura, can be released and guided to move onto a suitable environment.  These energies can cause the human body to have various issues, tiredness, change in personality, illnesses, a person may also hear voices.  They tend to attach to a person when they are ill (operations) or feeling low, stressed, drinking, taking drugs, have some trauma going on in their life, visiting institutions such as hospitals.

Spirit Release

The process is easy, and can be quite enlightening with information, understanding, and love.  It is done by the client either sitting in a chair or preferably lying down on a settee, light hypnosis is used, while the energies are removed and your energy field will be cleansed, rebalance and healed.  We do find out as to why they were able to attach to your energy, therefore giving us the understanding as to what tools to use to protect yourself for the future.

Most of us are completely unaware we have such energies in our field and they cause us no harm at all, so it is nothing to be scared of.

This can be done during a Regression Therapy session but sometimes it is required as a stand alone session which could take from 1 – 3 sessions. The session is approximately about 1 hour but it can vary subject to what the energies are.

Spiritual Emergence or Emergency 

The transformation process that takes place during an awakening of consciousness, a spiritual emergence, can become so dramatic that it becomes uncontrollable and reaches a point of crisis known as spiritual emergency a term coined by Grof to illustrate both the danger and opportunity present in such states.

References to ego death, the dark night of the soul, mystical psychosis and crisis in shamanic initiation or kundalini awakening all refer to spiritual crisis.

Spiritual emergence can move into spiritual emergency for a whole host of reasons, either spontaneously or over a period of time.

The experience can be extremely dramatic and frightening. Distinguishing features such as experiences of spontaneous distressing and very ‘real’ altered states together with a chaotic overload of the senses and an influx of excessive energy and psychic awareness.

Episodes often revolve around spiritual themes including those of ego or psychological death and rebirth, feelings of oneness with the universe or nature, encounters with various divine or mythical beings.

It can be extremely difficult for a person in a full-blown crisis to get through the stormy waters alone.  It can be likened to a living nightmare, battling with experiences and basic survival, trying to keep body and soul together.





Space Energy Clearing

Intrusive energies can make people feel ill, uncomfortable, or make you feel on edge and can affect sleep, relaxation and general well being.  I visit properties to help certain energies to move on, as it can cause an in balance in the living space, which can make you feel uncomfortable. I also will check if you room is in balance and whether other elements need to be brought in – water/fire/earth/wind – by means of an object.  i.e. water perhaps a photograph of the sea etc.




Advanced Spirit Release & Intrusive Energy Invasion

I am trained in advanced release in order to remove the energies from a physic attack, black magic energy attacks (spells, curses, hexes, cultural and ancestral)  and possession. Whilst these may sound and be experienced as distressing, they are able to be removed safely and effectively.



Session/Consultation: Spirit Release £60 per hour

After our initial telephone conversation and you decide to book your session(s) a form will be sent out which I require to be filled in and returned via email/post in advance of your appointment. (all information given is confidential).Sessions last approximately 1-1.5 hours and are conducted in a very rural peaceful surrounding 3 miles out of Carmarthen.

Session/Consultation: Spiritual Emergence or Emergency £60 per hour

Session/Consultation: Space Energy Clearing £100 plus travelling expenses

Session/Consultation: Remote Energy Clearing  (land, homes, people) £60 

*subject to size of land/home.

Session/Consultation: Advanced Spirit Release & Intrusive Energy Invasion: £120

After any of these sessions you are encouraged to walk on the land to ground-in or just have time to assimilate all the information you have received/understood before leaving the healing space.


” Ever since we moved in to our house, it never really felt like ‘home’. Despite it being a new build it felt as though it belonged to somebody else & the energy felt ‘heavy’. During Skype sessions with other spiritual healers we had identified that there were negative spirit energies encroaching on our space. We had decided to sell this house and weren’t having much luck. I had been receiving reflexology from Sally at the time and explained what was going on when she offered her service. She worked through the house, room by room, explaining what she was identifying and involved me in the clearing process. Slowly we worked through each room & by the end the whole house felt ‘lighter’. Sally was able to shed so much light on what was going on in the house and things began to make sense. She kept me fully informed the whole way through and offered some advice on what I could do to help things moving forward. Afterwards the house became more comfortable to live in and a couple of weeks after Sally’s clearing, our house sold. I think the impact of Sally’s services speak for themselves! Would definitely ask for her help again in the future if we felt the need!”

Christina Mason


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