Shamanic Soul Retrieval


Shamanic Soul Retrieval

Soul loss can manifest in many ways; some people a loss of meaning or purpose, or lack of sense of self, identity and wholeness, however it appears it results in a curtailment of vital energetic life powers and split off parts of the psyche, unavailable to the individual.

In the psychotherapeutic field we aim to help the person to retrieve and integrate those parts so that the individual can a lead a more fulfilled life.

The retrieval of your soul parts, as the therapist I will be retrieving it but will be narrating to you what I am seeing and experiencing and on my return you have the choice to have it integrated back into your energy field.  (It is always someone else that retrieves the part for you).

After our initial telephone conversation and you decide to book your session(s) a form will be sent out which I require to be filled in and returned via email/post in advance of your appointment. (all information given is confidential)

Sessions last approximately 1-1.5 hours and are conducted in a very rural peaceful surrounding 3 miles out of Carmarthen.

Shamanic Soul Journeying (Meeting Your Spirit Guides & Power Animals)

The Shamanic journey is a way to travel into different worlds, the lower, upper and middle worlds.  The journey has been adapted to 20 – 30 minutes long and usually accompanied by a steady drum rhythm. (A brief hypnotic script can be used to take one on the journey).  As you journey the client is required to narrate what they, see, feel or sense. 

Once you have met your power animal and on your return we can integrate your power animal into your energy field.

If you haven’t done a shamanic journey before the first session would be to introduce you to your safe/sacred place.

Sessions last approximately 1 hours are conducted in a very rural peaceful surrounding 3 miles out of Carmarthen.


Session/Consultation: Shamanic Soul Retrieval – £50

Session/Consultation: Shamanic Soul Journeying – £45

Shamanic Workshops:You will find information on the event’s page




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