There are many different kinds of Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key), all of which are an adaption of Usui Reiki. Different methods and symbols have been developed and used for each type, but the principle behind them remains the same. Here you will find the most commonly used Reiki methods and a brief description explaining them.

Usui Reiki

The first form of Reiki that was rediscovered and brought to the modern world by Mikao Usui in 1922. Hawayo Takata, a student of Dr. Chujiro Hayashi (who studied with Usui) brought the Usui system of Reiki to the West. Because of the  many changes made to the original Usui Reiki Ryoho by Hayashi and Takata, what we now know of Usui Reiki differs in the way it was originally taught.


Karuna Reiki ®

This system of healing was developed by William Lee Rand who is the founder and President of The International Center for Reiki Training. Karuna Reiki

A requirement for taking any of the Karuna practitioner levels is ART or what is also called Reiki 3a. By having and using the Usui master symbol for treatments, it causes the student to be able to hold more healing energy and thus get greater benefit from the Karuna training.

However, it must be understood that Karuna Reiki® is not a substitute for Usui Reiki or any other kind of Reiki, but simply an additional technique one can use to promote healing.  Some state the energy is noticeably stronger and able to more quickly heal a wider range of difficulties but with everything we are all unique and will feel different things.

Karuna is a Sanskrit word and is used in Hinduism and Buddhism. It is translated to mean any action that is taken to diminish the suffering of others and could also be translated as “compassionate action.” or “The Universal Compassion of a Bodhisattva”.

Angelic Reiki

Angelic Reiki was channelled through Kevin Core in 2002/3 by Archangel Metatron and Master Djwahl Khul.  It all started with Kevin, discovering a book called “A Dictionary of Angels” which provided the material for an attunement which allows the Reiki symbols to be attuned to the Angelic vibration and therefore to their original archetypal Angelic form.  He started to channel information from Metatron and Djwahl Khul and created Angelic Reiki workshops.

In Angelic Reiki the healer does not have to decide what symbols to use, chant the name, draw the symbols or even move their hands. The healer does not need to know if the problem is from this lifetime or a past lifetime. The healer does not need to do anything except hold the space where the Angelic presence will manifest!

Angelic Reiki is the only system of Reiki that attunes to all seven vibrational levels.  This healing modality originated in Lemuria where the Angelic Realm and the human body co-existed as one.

When a healing is instigated using this system, both the healer and client receive a down pouring of Soul energy, which raises their consciousness.  For the client this causes any old thought forms not in tune with the Divine vibration to become dislodged and transmuted to a higher vibration, relieving non-harmonious physical, emotional and mental conditions.




Session/Consultation: Usui Reiki- £45 per hour

Session/Consultation: Karuna Reiki- £45 per hour

Session/Consultation: Angelic Reiki- £45 per hour

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