Regression Therapies

Regression Therapy

This is an extremely powerful healing technique to transform current day issues for oneself.  It involves going to the root cause of an issue, which is usually stored deep within our subconscious mind. It can give a deep understanding of why people and we ourselves behave in a certain way.

It heals on an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level.  It also releases body trauma that one may not realise is stored in the body.  It unlocks the negative influences that impact our life. It allows you to discover more about who you really are and can offer extremely powerful and life changing healing within

It is not necessary to believe in Past Lives for this therapy, as the subconscious mind can create a life/story in the past to enable you to work on your current issues, especially if it is too painful to work directly on the current life.  Whether it is real or not, one receives a powerful healing and understanding from the experience.

Areas where regression can help are ;

– childhood trauma,

– unexplained or chronic physical pain,

– recurrent emotions, (fear, anger, guilt, sadness, loneliness, anxiety or depression etc)

– thoughts (obessions/nightmares) and patterns of behaviour,

– repeated conflicted or abusive relationships that hinder your quality of life,

– phobias

– relationship issues – parents, family, friends, work etc.

– a chronic pain might stem from childhood trauma or an accident where the memory of the

trauma is imprinted into the body.

Past Life Regression

This can be taken as a session into the soul’s journey, to gain insight and spiritual understanding by unlocking our oldest memories.  Upon visiting other lives it can give insight into the patterns and themes that may develop over many lifetimes and can help to understand our purpose in the current life.  It can help us to tap into positive talents that we may have and also help us to release negative patterns that may keep reoccurring. Also the understanding of phobias, limiting beliefs, unexplained body physical pain etc.

Current Life

Works in the same way as the Regression Therapy, we follow the flow of the emotion/pain etc backwards to the source which may just be in this life but it can encompass past life, inner child healing, body work and energy clearing.  Your subconscious mind will be our guide to attain the healing that is required.


Inner Child Healing

If our need to be nurtured, protected, loved etc when we were a child are not met, then events in our current day life can bring it to the surface as an emotional imbalance.

Things like addictions, insecurity, abandonment, fear, anger, sadness, trust, relationship issues, can come from childhood but the memories have been buried deep.  The subconscious mind has all these memories, and can be tapped into under hypnosis and these memories can be reframed and healed allowing one to live a much happier and fulfilled life.

It is through a light hypnotic state that we take these journeys, you may feel it, sense it, or see it, and these sensations feel very real during the session.  You are in control at all stages and can come out of it at any time.  The journey is a rewarding one as you may gain many insights, transformation regarding situations/feelings and healing.



Session/Consultation: £120

Every client has their own unique journey, subject to what the issue is relating to, it may take from 3-5 sessions to get a resolution.  However before commencing the sessions we can have a discussion.

If it is merely to visit a Past Life then this could be done in one session.

After our initial telephone conversation and you decide to book your session(s) a form will be sent out which I require to be filled in and returned via email/post in advance of your appointment. (all information given is confidential)

Sessions last approximately 2-3 hours and are conducted in a very rural peaceful surrounding approximately 3 miles out of Carmarthen.




“Sally is a fantastic Therapist.  She navigates her Regression sessions with compassion, skill and self confidence.  During my sessions with her, in the comfort of her therapy room, I felt completely safe and at ease.  A place where I could really let go, allowing me to move through some difficult emotions and release them.  Sally has done the work herself, this gives her the compassion and insights in helping others to release stuck emotions and trauma. I can’t recommend her enough.”

Mona Diaz

Regression & Holistic Therapist, Devon

” I have benefited from the past life regression sessions with Sally. The sessions have been powerful and informative. The experiences have been a form of healing for me. They have provided me with explanations for issues in my life and allowed me to tackle them. My quality of life is getting better as a result.

During the sessions I always felt safe and have full confidence in Sally. She is always professional, thoughtful and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Sally to anyone wanting a past life regression.”


Catherine Jarvis


” The sessions have been very informative, providing answers to questions I have about my current life. It also has been helpful with the knee pain I have been suffering from.  The revelations have been quite emotional as they have been disheartening situations but at the same time healing. I need more sessions for more insight and I am looking forward to these.

Sally answers all my questions and is sincere, thoughtful and very professional.”

Francesca Jarvis


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