Sally Partington

Dip RTh, Ct Hyp

Thank you for showing an interest in my services. My qualifications include:

  • Dip RTh
  • Ct Hyp
  • Usui Reiki Master/Teacher
  • Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher
  • Angelic Reiki Master/Teacher
  • Munay-Ki Graduate
  • Reiki Drum Practitioner

I am connected with the following memberships of Organisations which you’ll find below.

For many years I worked as a PA and Travel Manger in London and was fortunate enough to visit some very sacred sites around the world where I would have some very extreme experiences, obviously the universe was trying to give me a serious nudge about life and I kept ignoring the signs! My wake up call truly began after having my children.  A visit to Sai Baba’s ashram in India was where the transformation began.  I have been very fortunate in landing at the feet of some very wise sages in India and also some incredible teachers in the UK.

The martial home in Surrey had a lot of paranormal activity which affected my children, even their friends refused to stay the night.  Hence I went off to learn about these energies and was very lucky to have Linda Williamson living 10 miles away who could teach me. (Linda Williamson has written books – Finding the Spirit Within, Ghosts and Earthbound Spirits are a few of the titles)

A couple of years later I was attending an event where it became clear I had an attachment.  They used the old fashion way of removing it and I can honestly say I was terrified. (I was pinned to chair, shouted at and shaken and that was done by the humans!)

I realised about 9 years ago that I radically needed to change my life and I walked completely away from everything and moved 250 miles back to my roots but to a different area where I didn’t know anybody, it has had its moments  to say the least. On doing the Regression training I received an understanding that it was part of my soul’s plan for growth.

I have most probably taken a slow progress to where I am today with gaining my skills  but its been enjoyable.  I started with various forms of massage and absolutely connected with  the lomi lomi as we work with the ancestors and the energy is electric during these session.  I have then gone onto reflexology, learning about foot reading, different techniques and attended various workshops in London and  The Christies Hospital, Manchester.  So in refelexology wise I can offer infertility, pregnancy and end of life care – the full circle of life.  I did work for a while at a hospice which was a very rewarding and a happy place and also with carers at a hospital.

An article about Andy Tomlinson founder of the Past Life Regression Academy intrigued me and I decided to have a session with Janet Treloar (a trainer at the academy) regarding a problem with my arm, it was so transforming that subsequently I had more sessions for other issues and also for  attachments to be removed from my energy field and the process was gentle, I understood how they connected to my energy and what I needed to do to protect myself. A wonderful healing was given at the end of the session.

I found this form of therapy so transforming that I decided I would train in it so that I could help others, it has been quite a journey especially working on the Inner Child but by doing so things have radically changed for the better in my life.

Last year I was fortunate enough to visit Mongolia and sit with a shaman and from this I realised I shouldn’t forget the shamanic aspect of my work, especially as I am so lucky to live on a small holding and nature has everything to offer us as we reflect on our selves and the greater good.

I have converted part of my cowshed as a therapy room which is very tranquil for the therapies I offer.

I also have a second website which offers a range of holistic therapies. You can visit this by clicking here.



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