The term “hypnosis” is derived from the Ancient Greek word for “sleep” (“hypnos”).

The school of thought on hypnosis is that it is a way to access a person’s subconscious mind directly. Normally, you are only aware of the thought processes in your conscious mind. So whilst you are aware of your conscious mind, it is also working hand-in-hand with your subconscious mind, the unconscious part of your mind that does your “behind the scenes” thinking.

Your subconscious mind accesses the vast reservoir of information that lets you solve problems, construct sentences or locate your keys. It puts together plans and ideas and runs them by your conscious mind. When a new idea comes to you out of the blue, it’s because you already thought through the process unconsciously.

Your subconscious also takes care of all the stuff you do automatically. You don’t actively work through the steps of breathing minute to minute – your subconscious mind does that. You don’t think through every little thing you do while driving a car – a lot of the small stuff is thought out in your subconscious mind. Your subconscious also processes the physical information your body receives.

In reality your subconscious mind is the real brains behind the operation – it does most of your thinking, and it decides a lot of what you do. When you’re awake, your conscious mind works to evaluate a lot of these thoughts, make decisions and put certain ideas into action. It also processes new information and relays it to the subconscious mind. But when you’re asleep, the conscious mind gets out of the way, and your subconscious has free reign.

The understanding is that in deep relaxation and focusing on calming and subduing the conscious mind it takes a less active role in your thinking process. In this state, you’re still aware of what’s going on, but your conscious mind takes a backseat to your subconscious mind. Effectively, this allows you and the hypnotist to work directly with the subconscious.

The conscious mind is the main inhibitive component in your makeup, it’s in charge of putting on the brakes, while the subconscious mind is the seat of imagination and impulse. When your subconscious mind is in control, you feel much freer and can be more creative. Your conscious mind doesn’t have to filter through everything.

Hypnosis is not about making you do things, it is in fact the opposite, it is about empowerment.

In therapy, hypnosis usually involves the person experiencing a sense of deep relaxation with their attention narrowed down, and focused on appropriate suggestions made by the therapist.  These suggestions help people make positive changed within themselves.  The practice of promoting healing or positive development in any way is known as hypnotherapy.


Hypnotherapy can be applied to many psychological, emotional, and physical disorders. The aim is to re-programme and change your belief patterns or behaviour within the mind, enabling irrational fears, phobias, negative thoughts and suppressed emotions to be overcome.  It is a very relaxing therapy, and you are always in control.  Nobody can hypnotise you against your own free will.

Some of the issues Hypnotherapy is effective for are :

. stop smoking

. general relaxation, and relaxation for pre operation

. weight issues

. stress management, anxiety and panic attacks

. fear of  flying, phobias, fear of public speaking

. sleep problems

. confidence issues

. exams, sports performance

. nail biting, unwanted habits

. wedding day nerves/speech

. and many more issues

Stop Smoking

In your intital consultation prior to a session, a good hypnotherapist will ask you questions around your motivation to stop, or whether you are looking to cut down your smoking habit or just smoke the occasional cigarette.  Hypnotherapy can’t help with that; it’s specifically designed to support you to quit completely.

The consultation will also look at why you want to stop, as it’s only successful when you are stopping for yourself -not for others- as all lasting change comes from within when we do something for ourselves. I do not take clients who are not stopping for themselves as there isn’t enough motivation for you to quit, because you are dependent on others to give you the motivation to stop.

The Benefits of Stopping Smoking and Speed Of Results

Health benefits occur within 20 minutes of finishing your last cigarettes your body automaticallys begins the repair process, setting in motion a series of beneficial health changes that continue for years.

See the chart to find out what benefits you’ll gain from as early as within 20 minutes from your last cigarette.


Session/Consultation: Hypnotherapy- £50 per hour

After a phone conversation, a confidential form will be sent out to you, which I require to be filled in and sent back prior to your appointment (as this is vital so that an appropriate script can be written up for you).  All information is kept confidential.  The first session will take approx. 1.5 hours to go through information and subsequent sessions will be an hour and are conducted in a very rural peaceful surrounding 3 miles out of Carmarthen.

The number of session depends on what the issue is.  Weight loss may take a few sessions as we may have to change the script after a few weeks later, for smoking a session maybe required beforehand to get you motivated to give up.  The smoking session is a little longer.

After your session a recording will be sent to you to listen to continue with the issue.  This recording is personal to you and is not to be shared with others.

Session/Consultation: Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy-£ 150

Costs vary between therapists so there is no set figure. A one-off session generally lasts for up to two hours – this is the cost of less than one month’s smoking habit.  There may have to be an initial session to set up the motivation to give up which will cost £45 per hour.

Whilst this may sound a lot of money, consider the amount you spend each day on smoking. If you base this on the average of one packet a day for £8.50 then you can see how quickly you are recouping your investment, compared to the daily cost of a packet of cigarettes.

“I went for hypnotherapy with Sally after a long struggle with snacking. I had started snacking during the Christmas period in work,being a postman customers were giving me cakes and biscuits with cups of tea during my delivery, soon escalated to eating between meals and whilst cooking meals to. I tried nearly the month of January this year to stop by myself and failed horribly, i met Sally and told her my snacking problem and she helpfully suggested hypnosis to help me stop, we had a discussion how to go about it, and at the end of January, Sally hypnotized me to stop myself snacking, and I’m truly happy to say it has worked. It’s mid April now and not one piece of cake, biscuit or junk food has passed my lips. Sally helped me take control of habit I did not want . All the while I was in a warm , friendly and relaxed place, And I know if there was a time in the future,I need assistance for anything ,i know and trust Sally would be able to help. Thanks Sally.”


“I have been an enthusiastic smoker for 20 years, but knew the time had come to regain my health and my finances.  I saw Sally for a hypnosis session. Prior to this, I admit I was a skeptic, however my session with Sally worked. I am now a non-smoker, 4 weeks free and feel stronger each day.

Sally is a true genius, professional at what she does, calming, has a natural ability to do what she does.  Her treatment room is beautiful. The minute you enter you feel relaxed and able to achieve what you wish. I would honestly be so happy to recommend Sally Partington.”

Sarah Barnett


” I had a crap childhood and I thought that I had depression all my adult life.  I went to see Sally who is amazing she is so welcoming and put me at ease straight away.

I had hypnosis regression therapy and this life therapy, I can not believe how I feel everything is so bright light and clear. No more guilt trips on things that have happened to me, I actually want to speak and spend time with people, can hold a conversation without halting because I have lost the plot. I can now go out eg to town without wishing I was back at home before I even got there. have never slept so well no nightmares. Joined 2 sewing groups and am waiting to hear from the gym.( this would never have happened I would have a major meltdown just having to go to do weekly shop),

I now know that I never had depression and am slowly weaning myself off antidepressants that I have been on for 30 years. PLEASE if you are reading this and have been diagnosed with depression give SALLY a call straight away you might be  lucky like me, I hope you are, I don’t hate myself anymore and look forward to everyday  instead of being pissed off because I woke up.
thank you sooooo much Sally.”


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