Client Post Therapy Instructions

Holistic therapies can evoke a natural cleansing experience as the body is healing itself emotionally, physically mentally and spiritually.  The following advice will assist in this process.

Regression Therapy gets to the core issue and heals at a very deep level, evolving a positive change immediately.  Suppressed issues and emotions that cause illness are cleared in a natural way.  Although changes happen with every session, complete the therapy plan agreed with your therapist.

Listen to your body.  It is normal for some clients to experience tiredness or feeling of tearfulness for the first 24-48 hours after a session as your emotions and energy field settle.  If it doesn’t, contact me because the next therapy session may need to be rescheduled or you may need extra energy healing.

Avoid alcohol and smoking for at least 24 hours after a session.  Drink plenty of fresh water and herbal infusions, as this an assist in the rebalance of your energy field and assist your natural healing process.

Eating a light diet is also helpful as the body needs to concentrate its effort on detoxification and natural healing so fresh and natural foods are advisable.

Enjoy the amazing personalised guidance and affirmations you are given in your session and continue to integrate them into your daily life to strengthen the positive and radiant changes you will feel as your healing continues from within.

I will contact you a few months later you have completed your final therapy session to check your progress.  If anything changes or you want to chat about any aspect of your therapy don’t hesitate to contact me

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