Between Lives Spiritual Regression

Between Lives Spiritual Regression


A Between Lives Regression will take you into your soul memories between incarnations. This gives you the chance to understand your soul’s purpose for this lifetime.

During this spiritual journey we enter the spirit realms from your most previous incarnation, while we travel we may meet with your spirit guide, soul group, working groups, elders, wise ones, higher beings.  By doing this you may connect with close family in your soul group, understand links, agreements made past and present and the relevance of certain people in your current life.  Meeting the wise ones to plan your current life and choice of your physical body, family, friends, circumstances and other between-life activities etc.

Before experiencing this journey it is necessary to first have a Past Life Regression with myself to clear any energies that may block you from entering a Between Lives Regression.

The Past Life Regression session normal takes about 2-3 hours and the Between Lives Regression 3-4 hours, as it is a deeper hypnotic trance.  It can be described as a healing, and life-changing journey.  The Between Lives Regression is recorded and will be forwarded to you.

Both sessions would have to be done within a week of each other and there is a little preparation required.  You would be asked to identify 8-10 significant people in your life who have either had a positive of negative impact on your life, i.e. mother, loving, protective, controlling.    Also questions for the wise ones you may have regarding your life.

If you are interested in a Between Lives Regression Therapy to understand more about your soul’s journey, then I would be honoured to take you on the journey.


Session/Consultation: £350 or weekend £420

The Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression session with Sally Partington was awesome.  It was healing, informative and thought provoking all at the same time! 

Sally’s warmth and affability immediately puts you at ease.  She draws on her considerable knowledge to gladly answer all your questions and she takes a genuine interest in your experience.  In addition, the surroundings are beautiful and her therapy room is so very peaceful.  I would highly recommend her services.


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